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'I'm in the race' - Alabi writes to NDC

Comment: The name "Alabi"

2018-08-07 03:14:31
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'I'm in the race' - Alabi writes to NDC

A respectable and qualified person like Joshua "Alabi" deserves a second look by Ghanaians if he is still thinking he can contest and win the flagbearership of the NDC and remotely and impossibly become the President of Republic of Ghana. This question is not to stereotype the name "Alabi" but it is a matter of "curiosity" for one to be clear in the mind in order to influence the voting of NDC members when they go to the pools in December to elect a flagbearer for NDC. Joshua may be a citizen of Ghana alright but does that alone qualifies him to contest to become the President of Ghana? In the United States, for example, not all citizens are qualified to contest for the Presidency but they can contest for other offices. To become the President of United States of America one has to be born IN THE UNITED STATES, not OUTSIDE UNITED STATES. Ghanaians should therefore take a look at these laws if it applies to us too here in Ghana. In the first place I would like some one to tell Ghanaians which constituency, region or district have the traditional name "Alabi". Where does this name come from in Ghana. Again, I have asked this question as a matter of "curiosity" not to stereotype the name but would like to be clear for the whole nation. To me if it tends out that the name "Alabi" which sounds to me foreign is confirmed, then the people of Ghana should take a look at it because Ghanaians deserve a full-blooded Ghanaian to rule us not a foreigner.

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The name "Alabi"
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