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'I'm in the race' - Alabi writes to NDC

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Kwame Asante
2018-08-06 19:59:52
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'I'm in the race' - Alabi writes to NDC

Certainly, there should be two or three candidates to contest against John Mahama as democratic process but we should over all vote John Mahama who had done well in our history except our late president Dr. Kwame Nkrumah for only four years term in office. Kufuor and NPP government including Nana Addo and Osafo Marfo as senior ministers as well as Bawumia as senior ambassador left Ghana roads, streets and flyovers dust and uncompleted for more than six years and as a result many Ghanaians died because of dust and environmental hazards and car accidents on roads. John Mahama and NDC government completed all the roads, streets and fly overs including the multi-complex Nkrumah circle's fly-overs within four years in office. Also many schools and roads were built in the regions. In this respect John Mahama deserves another four years to accomplish the job to make Ghana great and prosperous again. Besides Kufuor and NPP government including the present NPP government president, vice and elders sold Ghana Airways airlinesand Ghana telecommunications co-operations to Vodafones making all Ghanaian trained engineers, pilots, air-hostesses, stewards, administrators and accountants unemployed. These scientific co-operations which operated for more than fifty five years were destroyed by Kufour and NPP government between 2001 to 2008. Kufuor of all people has cheek to say that our late president Nkrumah did nothing.

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08-06 19:02
Re: 'I'm in the race' - Alabi writes to NDC
Kwame Asante
08-06 19:59