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Reshuffle looms; Napo, Boakye Agyarko targeted

Comment: Independence was a wrong move

2018-08-06 19:34:01
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Reshuffle looms; Napo, Boakye Agyarko targeted

I was born in the sixties. I saw a bit of Nkrumah's regime through all the coups and JJ etc. What I realised is that no leader is good to rule Ghana. They will sing along with you and the least problem they're up in arms selling you for pittance. I guess even if God was to come down they will reject him. I now realised Ghanaians are not capable of self government. We were happier when ruled by the British. Yes Obroni is I blame KNkrumah for giving us independence. My point is nothing is good enough for stiff necked Ghanaians and the worst legacy thing the whites left was Democracy...I tell you we were better off with the mirrors, guns and whiskey. Because democracy has empowered some uneducated half wits to err from their asses. What low lives. Just reading the comments on this forum makes me think it was a mistake to educate most Ghanaians... Nkrah would have been better off siphoning all the money the colonials left in his charge rather than waste it on building schools for breeding some of whom leave comments on this platform. I will prefer an armed struggle to get rid of the dim wits that have marred the decent population of Ghanaians. Unfortunately most of the decent o es have left Ghana for good! To be replaced by tramol induced majority.

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Independence was a wrong move
08-06 19:34