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I'll live in style when I leave parliament - Ken Agyapong

Comment: What a disgrace MP

2018-07-29 17:45:00
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Meanwhile respect parliament

I totally agree with you. Bravo! This is the point. As high as Kennedy Agyapong seems to be carrying himself l don't believe he has come to his senses and has weighed the level of shamefulness he brought to himself for disrespecting his own institution he belongs to. I followed and watched all the parliamentary proceedings and l saw how the chairperson made Ken Agyapong looked as if he is a baby. This is after all his belief that he is the smartest Ghanaian than all others. He has brought a total calamity upon himself due to his dirty mouth. Let him live the rest of his life in shame. Someone should also advice himself to stop his witch hunt against Anas. Finally all respectable tv and radio stations should stop granting him the airtime to come to brag and to disturb Ghanaians.

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07-28 11:23
What a disgrace MP
07-29 17:45