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I'll live in style when I leave parliament - Ken Agyapong

Comment: Kennedy Aggapong needs to go.

S Mensah
2018-07-29 07:35:33
Comment to:
Agyapong and his bragging

I agree with this writer. Kennedy Aggyapong is indeed arrogant MP who never respected his position as an MP in the Ghanaian society. I am also a Ghanaian living in abroad. l have been listening to his regular bragging, bossy and flambouyant lifestyle and his all attempts to impress Ghanaians who listen to him with his so-called riches and again his self-imposed power to confront anybody . He is very arrogant and tg
therefore his too much carelessness do not settles him well as an honourable MP who represents a constituency in Ghana. I am ashamed about his behaviiur. I reside here in Canada and l have always been wondering if there is any good challenger in his constituency who could wrestle the parliament seat from him. I think the parliament should expel him for his incompetencies, loose talks and his lack of respect for the citizens of Ghana. His continuous presence in Ghana's parliament will indeed render the parliament not respected and Ghanaians will not take Ghanaian parliament business serious. Regardless, he is the person who is feeding all the members of that constituency he should be removedBy the way, where and how did he get his riches he has been bragging about?

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07-28 11:23
Kennedy Aggapong needs to go.
S Mensah
07-29 07:35