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I'll live in style when I leave parliament - Ken Agyapong

Comment: Kennedy

2018-07-28 12:42:52
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I'll live in style when I leave parliament - Ken A

Pls someone help me understand this so KAA why dont you quit now and go live in style now. Why wait and finish your term when you can resign today and live in style 2day. KAA , the issue is you're a good man but you speak too quickly and you talk too much. Anyone who is always apologizing cannot be taken too seriously. You need a disciplined mouth. You are a very good person and have helped so many people. Please be slow to speak and you will live in style. Continue to expose filth in our nation but learn when and what to say and control your temper, its when youre boiling that you go overboard. Thank you for standing up for the truth. There are few men like you on Ghana's history. May God bless you with long life.

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