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Former minister makes 'I-told-you-so' analysis as Finance minister rethinks Free SHS

Comment: NDC misunderstood Finance Minister

Uncle Pee
2018-07-25 08:27:58
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Former minister makes 'I-told-you-so' analysis as

NDC leaders are misconstruing what the Finance Minister said. The Finance Minister's suggestion doesn't mean the government can't afford the Free SHS. What his suggestion means is that there can be an adjustment to make it better. I applaud the NPP government for being so realistic. I also like their courage to initiate bold things for the country and do adjustments to make them better. The mediocre era where previous governments were afraid to embark on ambitious projects, because of anticipated cost and challenges, is over. The only government that can match the present government, in terms of bold policies, is the Kwame Nkrumah government.

If the government is opening suggestions to make the SHS policy better, it's all for the good of our country. This is not about winners and losers, or "I told you so" moment. The Free SHS is a good policy to give everyone in the country, irrespective of the financial status, a fair shot in education. NDC shouldn't jubilate that the SHS policy is failing. The SHS policy has come to stay, and that's a good thing!!!!

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NDC misunderstood Finance Minister
Uncle Pee
07-25 08:27