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I requested for $8,500 from NHIA for US training trip – Adwoa Safo

Comment: Ghana And Their Prodigal Women.

Shameless Adwoa Safo.
2018-07-20 04:45:04
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I requested for $8,500 from NHIA for US training t

What nonsense training was that in the US? If you don't know how to do your job, better give way to someone else. Women, women - devils. Looking for a way to fleece the government, you kept your eyes outside until you got wind of a course or lecture or conference outside, and said, "Aha, this is the chance." If you were to pay from your pocket, would you have taken up this venture? The people's money is nobody's money. Look at the miserable, suffering people in the market, miserable women in the markets, women like you, if not better; poor children sitting under trees schooling. This amount of money could have built them a classroom or two or provided them a lot of desks. I suppose you too go to church like the other unnamable woman who was the electoral commission. Adjoa Sarfo, are we to see you another Victoria Hammer? I thought Nana said recently that no minister should go on a foreign trip any more on government expense.

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07-19 17:37
Ghana And Their Prodigal Women.
Shameless Adwoa Safo.
07-20 04:45