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I requested for $8,500 from NHIA for US training trip – Adwoa Safo

Comment: Babies in parliament

Ray Alan, the liar-bully-rogue
2018-07-19 19:59:20
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I requested for $8,500 from NHIA for US training t

This same woman goofed on the statement that Ghana procurement Agency has no standard prices. The department she heads in parliament. There are standard prices from A to Z upon which bids are based for an award of a contract. It is interesting to hear a head of a department making such a pronouncement that there no standard prices. The problem is that those in authority ignore the rules governing the award of contracts purposely to complete their underhand dealings. This has been the cash cow of every government in the country. The kick backs, 10% and what have you, all morph from this department. Attempts to throw dust on peoples eyes cast doubts on one's ability to understand simple basic rules within which one operates.

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07-19 17:37
Babies in parliament
Ray Alan, the liar-bully-rogue
07-19 19:59