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I requested for $8,500 from NHIA for US training trip – Adwoa Safo

Comment: Where Is Ghana Headed?

Kwadwo Kyei
2018-07-19 18:57:25
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I requested for $8,500 from NHIA for US training t

I find these stories very upsetting indeed. First of all, was this so-called Harvard training program even necessary? Second, why did she think the NHIA was the most appropriate source of funding for her trip? Slowly, I am beginning to have the uncomfortable feeling that Nana Addo's government Is going to be a reprise of John Mahama's admnistration in many ways, including the involvement of top officials in financial improprieties. Why is it so hard for Ghana to have, for a change, a corruption-free government, one whose members wouldn't be so obsessed with making money for themselves, one whose primary preoccupation would be to improve the lot of the people? It seems there is no one to trust anymore. And it's sad.

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07-19 17:37
Where Is Ghana Headed?
Kwadwo Kyei
07-19 18:57