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I requested for $8,500 from NHIA for US training trip – Adwoa Safo

Comment: But we can blame Mrs Osei

Abeeku Mensah
2018-07-19 17:52:48
Comment to:
I requested for $8,500 from NHIA for US training t

Honorable Adwoa Safo has exposed the unbridled hypocrisy of critiques of Mrs Charlotte Osei, including Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo, the commission of the 5 stoogies and of the president who would ask Sophia Akuffo to investigate. At the end of the day Mrs Osei was accused of acting as a procurement officer in this country of ours where Mrs Osei would have had to beg someone for approval at a time when her staff at the regions and district needed not to be hampered by idiots. So why will Adwoa Safo others still have jobs as ministers when they knowingly tried to "steal" tax payer money by going to the political slush fund source at the NHIA? We are hypocrites aren't we?

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07-19 17:37
But we can blame Mrs Osei
Abeeku Mensah
07-19 17:52