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Many Ghanaians are losing hope in Akufo-Addo – Manasseh Azure

Comment: Mannessah, you dummy!!!

John Fujo
2018-07-17 16:28:46
Comment to:
Many Ghanaians are losing hope in Akufo-Addo – M

Mannessah? Look at your face. You little twerp. Mr know it all. You’re a shameful journalist. You need to go back to school. Last time I heard you speak to to journalists, you said you have a masters degree, blablabla..... Who gives a shit about your masters degree. I have MBA, but I don’t go around blowing my horns in public. There others who have their PhDs or double masters, but they do not brocast it in public. You little devil. You can suck my black......A$&@. You dummy!!!

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07-15 16:05
Mannessah, you dummy!!!
John Fujo
07-17 16:28