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One week memorial for 'the man who could not hurt a fly', Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur

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2018-07-13 18:38:24
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One week memorial for 'the man who could not hurt

He wouldn't have died if he had gone there all alone. He might probably done something beyond his capability just to impress the wife. But must he go to gym to exercise at his age. Is about time we train people who man gyms. First their clients must rest for thirty minutes, then they must check the pressure before training would commence. Physiotherapist often do check that. And most stupid part of us is we rush people to hospital only for them to die on the way. The wife could have given him mouth to mouth resuscitation. He will be living by now. People choke, and they are rush to hospitals. Where as a simple technique could have dislodged the food in the air way. Charley truly we blacks are gullible, and often ugly because we harbour pettiness and wickedness. His wife insulted a head for asking for chalk, he himself cancelled teachers allowances whilst his sons were outside studying at his cost. He never considered the poor. Teachers throughout their teaching work remain poor, allowance is the only incentive that bonds us to this unrewarding profession. Think about it.

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