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Anas releases another exposé on Hot FM host

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2018-07-12 02:48:42
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Anas releases another exposé on Hot FM host

Ken has hurt this fools credibility and he is running around aimlessly for a damage control but he is confused and he doesn't seem like a smart guy to me....

Alot of people has accused this fella of using landguards to terrorise them but he is yet to address any of the issues

B) they have accused him of bonking jbs wife .. He is yet to address it
C) he is accused of taking a bribe from hafiz . he is yet to sue hafiz who was on live tv angrily accusing him
D) ken show the video and in the video he mentioned the former cid director and the former came out to denied it and call anas a liar but anas is yet to fully address the issue but rather issued an denial to exonerate this guy but wasnt able to explain fully what happened that particular day......
Something is fishy here....
E) ken has even accused him of killing chinese which is a serious offence and ken said that he has videos amd pictures to back it up, this is a perfect opportunity for anas to challenge ken to show ghanaians the videos and pics if he indeed got them but anas has been so silent on this refusing to seize this perfect opportunity! If ken refuses to releases thr pic or the videos Ghanaians ll judge for themselves but anas silence is shocking!

E) ken has accused him of not paying taxes on his work and since anas is anti corrutpion crusader, i was expecting him to quickly and immediately releases his taxes records to counter kens claims but nothing like that has come forth from him as this was one of the earrliest cases ken levelled against him.......
I dont want to believe that anas has something to hid but in order to clear his reputation and credibility i think is about time that he hold the bull by the horn, releases all necessary documents to counter kens claims because whats good for the goose is equally good for the .......

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