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Anas releases another exposé on Hot FM host

Comment: Is it tit for tat?

2018-07-12 01:14:41
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Anas releases another exposé on Hot FM host

Hahaha funny, we need more exposure more, is it bribe? You can tell us Mr Anas, to me it is a plan project and he was soliciting money to finance his project. Well done Mr Anas don't forget these words WHO WATCHES THE WATCH MAN this words cut across is not about you but the TRUTH we all want to know. You have reminded me of Kwaku Barko word CREDIBILITY, MR ANAS your credibility is gone and you don't want to go down alone but master think twice, you probably know the damage you cost the Country, I am in UK and can boldly tell Anas the people don't see us as serious Country by trying to solve our house problems in public, WHO is this guy Justice? But you the world knows Anas. Find a way to answer your pre-trial conference. Justice has not done anything wrong before anyone contribute he explains to you the aim behind unlike yours. So bring more to convince some of us that indeed he has taken bribe.

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07-11 22:09
Amaawen abasti
07-12 15:36
Is it tit for tat?
07-12 01:14