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Pregnant woman, baby die over GHC500 'doctor motivation fee'

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Ayeboafo Nkwantabisa
2018-07-10 18:01:56
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Pregnant woman, baby die over GHC500 'doctor motiv

who should be blamed for these unfortunate deaths, is it the church who couldn't support it's members?
Is it the doctors whose salaries cann't take care of them that they've to create this system to help themselves?
....or is the government of Akuffo Addo's NPP which is gradually turning Ghana into Animal Farm Kingdom?
The answer is found in all these questions:
(1) Religion (Both Christianity and Islam) has failed the black African.
(2) Ghana medical service is going the direction of animals....they're losing what makes them to be Humanbeings.
(3) Akuffo Addo and his NPP government has failed to make things work in Ghana.
Amount of money spent on just ended NPP congress in Koforidua can pay for all Doctors in Ghana for the next 100 years.
Ghanaian leaders both past and present should go to Rwanda for schooling.
Inshort the NPP government led by Akuffo Addo and that talkative Bawumia is to be blamed for these deaths.

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Re: Pregnant woman, baby die over GHC500 'doctor m
Ayeboafo Nkwantabisa
07-10 18:01