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Pregnant woman, baby die over GHC500 'doctor motivation fee'

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2018-07-10 15:48:45
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Pregnant woman, baby die over GHC500 'doctor motiv

After reading about the circumstance that led to the loss of Rev Lamore's wife, I strongly think that the hospital must be brought to book, and we as a church must respond to this urgent call.

Sueing the hospital will neither make our bereaved brother feel better nor bring back his dead wife to life, but it will certainly bring some corrective measures to our broken, unstable, wicked and corrupt system in Ghana.

Statistics cannot cover the many women who have been lost in similar manner, whose loud heartfelt cries are buried in oblivion. If we as a church keep quiet on such preventable crimes, who should speak about them??? Innocent lives depend on us, and we must fight to win and free them.

Isaiah said in chapter 61:1-3 of his book that we are anointed to take responsibility. Among those responsibilities are the preaching of good news to the poor, setting of captives free, opening prison doors to those bound, binding up the broken hearted, comforting those who mourn and giving them Beauty for their ashes, etc. This is not a time to be quiet. It is a time to speak. God has blessed us with legal brains in our church, let's use them. Let us allow them to serve God's purpose in the capacity He has given them.

This fight is not only for Rev Lamore, it is for all of us. Your wife, sister, daughter, grand daughter or yourself may be the next in line. If the system is failing to serve us as it should, we must save it. Let us do something. It is NOW or NEVER!!!

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