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Pregnant woman, baby die over GHC500 'doctor motivation fee'


2018-07-10 11:23:11
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Mother Ghana why?

Even though the death of the mother and baby is needless, I strongly believe Kumasi people deserve this kind of treatment for pampering and tolerating
corrupt practices of medical doctors. Somewhere in 1996, I was on a national assignment when I came across an incident which should have even attracted national attention and honour in serious societies but, unfortunately, when the victim was referred to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, the victim who was supposed to be a national hero, nearly lost his life because of corruption at that facility. This was a guy doing his national service in the Ejura-Sekyedumasi District who came across a six year old boy being carried away by flood water. In his attempt to save the drowning boy, the water carried the two of them away knocking their heads on the fortified culverts put across the gaping gutters. By the time this service personnel was rescued, his head had been severely bruised with deep cuts. The next morning, he could not open his eyes and mouth and breathing was a major problem. The nearest community clinic referred the guy to Konfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) and I was asked to accompany him since he was in my team. We got to the OPD of KATH at 8:00AM and after going through the normal formalities, we joined a queue leading to the consultant at the emergency department. We sat at one place for close to 6 hours and the queue was stand-still. This prompted me to enter the consulting room to draw the attention of the doctors about the serious nature of our case but the senior-most among the doctors told me that everybody in the queue is on emergency and that is why they call the place an emergency department. I looked round to see people with rheumatism, menstrual pains, etc, screaming to see the doctor but to no avail. It was there and then somebody hinted me that a nurse normally comes around to take money from people in the queue so as to put their cards on-top of the pack of cards. After observing the nurse doing her evil things on three occasions, I rushed to the consulting room with rage and with an utmost fury, demanded that the injustice must stop. To my surprise, the very patients on whose behalf I was fighting for turned their guns on me claiming that my action could cause the doctors to be annoyed and desert the place which will bring an untold hardship to them and that that is how KATH doctors are. Luckily enough, the driver who brought us to the hospital tried to interview the dying Service Personnel about the where about of his parents and it was at this juncture that the patient told us that the uncle is a soldier at one of the barracks in Kumasi. The driver then rushed to bring the uncle and the uncle rushed the dying nephew into the consulting room and within 5 minutes he was referred to see a specialist. So, it means if the uncle had not used this unorthodox means this gallant Ghanaian would have died on our laps. Since then, I have grown to hate Ghanaian doctors and it has always been my prayer that I should not fall into their evil claws since I don't have a soldier uncle to fight for me.

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