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Three Ghanaians arrested for cybercrime schemes amounting to $15m

Comment: Ndc is to blame for our weak id systems

Yussif Fuseini
2018-07-06 06:52:46
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Three Ghanaians arrested for cybercrime schemes am

Our check system is poor,poor people compromise their countries,we in Ghana especially the ndc ve put politics ahead of everything,selfishness,greed Leeds to corruption.Stealing is stealing it doesn’t matter the method one uses to steal,Why ve we not arrested Ghanaians for political creams including government vehicle loots?as to why a group of people ll argue that their party member live in Togo and other Naigboring countries beats my imagination,they even used NHIS cards to register them onto our voters register and turn round to patriotism Lessons and that’s JM for you.Why should Anybody be worried Nigerians or other nationals re using our passports?.Do you remember Anas did some work on Passport office years back where a sitting President Kufour,s name was among the over 150 pieces of passports he obtained in just few days?since then what has change?talk provoke discussions past and forgotten,that’s how stupid our leaders re.

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07-05 19:04
Ndc is to blame for our weak id systems
Yussif Fuseini
07-06 06:52