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Anas releases ‘receipts’ on Nyantakyi’s hotel, airfare bills

Comment: Re: Anas is no god!

2018-06-19 15:08:27
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Anas is no god!

Did you read anything about morals and sense of judgment Dodonu or you were reared like a goat by your parents? Any human being with a sense of decency would not have sex with another person who just throws themselves at him. Why? By your own account as a married man, you are supposed to be loyal and responsible to your wife and family. What if this person luring you to sex is an AIDS patient and you can contract this disease and pass it on to your innocent wife and destroy your family. You are insanely corrupt, with no sense of decency by your own word, just get lost.

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Concert Parti
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Re: Anas is no god!
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