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Stop bleaching – Rawlings teases Anita Desoso

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Ibrahim Wasiu
2018-06-04 18:17:45
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Stop bleaching – Rawlings teases Anita Desoso

This was a house ???? that was characterized with peace,love,respect,good moral values and decency until the father of the house decided to sell them out to the enemy he created .

The only person I see in the house who does not want to see unity in that house ,is the owner of the house who is dinning with the enemy.He was the chief architect of the house and he also created problems in the house for his personal interest

HE has sold their birth right to their enemies (HE) created .He eats with the their enemy whiles they keep fighting with the enemy all because of him.He pretends to advise them against the enemy during the day but goes to feed on their blood with the enemy in the night .
This is a father who has betrayed his children and his own principles and still want his children and others to hold him in high esteem,
this is a father who can’t forgive his children when they are wrong,a father who never wants to see his children progress,a father who wants to be powerful forever,a father who expose his children to the enemy just to be praised by the enemy

His children where hated by the enemy because they stood by their father when the enemy castigated him,chastised him,disrespected him,humiliated him and so on.little did they know that their father is a traitor and worse than the perceived enemy .

That father is the repository of knowledge in his house and beyond.He has refused to acknowledge the effort of his children and others who stood by him when the going was though .His always right and everyone is wrong if they don’t agree with him.He sits on his sin and enjoy exposing other people’s sin

He hides behind mediocre reasons to betray his children he claimed to love anytime he gets the opportunity and others who believed in him sometime ago .He has forgotten that,the only people who can promote his legacy are his children

His the only person who is next to Jesus Christ and has never gone wrong .His children are now confused as to how the can satisfy their father.whatever they do to satisfy him,he has something to complain about.

This family of him is sharply divided because of his open hatred for some of his children who openly or secretly opposed to his views.
“A father who can’t forgive his children when they go wrong and ask for forgiveness,is that one too a father “?

Until the father learns to put his house in other and stop his dealings with the enemy of the house,both he and his children will not know peace .
Stay bless

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06-04 16:25
Re: Stop bleaching – Rawlings teases Anita Desoso
Ibrahim Wasiu
06-04 18:17