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Do not allow attacks on Anas succeed - Kwaku Azar to Ghanaians

Comment: Agyapong's mis-judgement.

2018-06-01 12:42:42
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Do not allow attacks on Anas succeed - Kwaku Azar

What Agyapong fails to grasp is that, in investigative journalism, a few eggs have to cracked to make an omelette. The main objective is to expose and make Ghana a better place, which Agyapong failed in judging the tempo of the nation's eager to see the exposè and make their own judgement.
This calls to question whether Agyapong wants corruption to be minimised or wants the citizenry to be cocooned into his warped world of his opponents corruption,leaving out his cohorts.
Agyapong appears to be possessed by a demon called beelzebub triggered by his personality disorder.
I have always doubted his allegiance to the country apart from making money from his buying,selling and renting trade he indulges in.
He needs to be checked on whether he has passed on info to any foreign intelligence about Ghana's strategic assets or national interest. The rate at which he collates his uncorroborative information and admits paying for some, and uses it only against selective opponents he envies or dislikes, calls to question his intent.
One day the state would wrong him or pursue him and we would wake up and notice he has left the country with bulging intelligence and monies also stashed in foreign banks to live off.
I ask Ghanaians to be resilient and give him more rope to hang himself. A fool and their monies easily part. He seems to be in a hurry in life.
Kudos to lvy Heward-Mills for her summation directed at scrums.
Agyapong is becoming a spent force, loosing respect and my advise is to stick to what he does best ie trading. His low esteem and little coins has misled him into thinking he is an authority and the official voice of the gov't.
He has a lot and more than enough to bring down this gov't because a lot of the appointees have dipped into his trough to beg for monies or favours.
Cabinet should be careful not to divulgeinfo to him.
Woe besides a useful fool with money, the rest of the population are doomed.

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Agyapong's mis-judgement.
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