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Anas must be arrested – Odike

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Odike Will be arrested
2018-05-26 16:13:19
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Anas must be arrested – Odike

I can sense this guy is afraid of the video..we coming for u all..Thieves in position..i actually don't know what's wrong with the blackman..pls don't let it seem like it was a mistake for God to make the Blackman on earth..we are God's chosen people but the corruption in Blackman dna is too much.odike or whatever ur cup is full..i can assure u that the whole country is in support of in the US..and the FBI don't need any approval from anyone if they think u are involved in some corrupt behaviors..bcos of this coming to Ghana hopefully next month to watch this video..all the thieves in our country will be prosecuted one at a time..God bless Anas, God bless our homeland Ghana..anas don't be scared ok..God is with u..He is using u to clear all the thieves called politicians from our country..Ghana has every potential to develop..but bcos of thieves like odike and Ken Agyapong in power..Gh is always at standstill..Anas pls don't be scared of anyone..shalom

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05-25 10:45
Odike Will be arrested
05-26 16:13