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Anas must be arrested – Odike

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2018-05-25 21:16:06
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Anas must be arrested – Odike

All those speaking against Anas's way of revealing thieves and corrupt men and women in this country must first be arrested and jailed. For they are the most corrupt in our society and are nation wreckers fearing Anas will one day come on them. You are only talking rubbish. Journalists used similar way on English national football manager to expose his corrupt way and had to be sacked from his managerial job after less than one year as the head. Stop your corrupt way of life and there will be no Anas otherwise there are going to be many Anas in the country. ANAS MORE GREASE TO YOUR ELBOW. ALL THE GENUINE PEOPLE OF GHANA ARE STRONGLY BEHIND YOU...
Why are you scared be clean and feel free......

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Re: Anas must be arrested – Odike
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