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Anas must be arrested – Odike

Comment: Agreed!

2018-05-25 10:55:08
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Anas must be arrested – Odike

I agree with you on this score. It is good to fight corruption and inappropriate behavior in the public sector and in the private sector. It takes the nationally mandated services such as the BNI and CID to do these investigations under the law. Anas is appears to be exposing a lot of things but he's doing so for private gain and the methods are very crude and too invasive. Since he's doing this for private gain, it's highly likely that he will project what he feels the public wants to hear and see but which may not be the exact truth. People's lives and careers are st stake here and we need to tread cautiously. Anas and his company will show these to the public at a cost and will thus benefit from it. This is not fair to the people allegedly involved in the crime because no court has convicted them and the public would have been incited against them already.

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