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$1 million per constituency being used to build dams, toilets – Minister

Comment: Deceitful govt

2018-05-19 23:34:47
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$1 million per constituency being used to build da

The most insincere govt ever. How does $1m dollar per constituency become a dam/dug out building money. Nana promised nurses of restoring their allowances and they thought he was doing them a favour. Now your allowances have been restored alright, but you will work and earn less than Ghc700 a month. This is called " give with right hand and take back with left hand" or " ma tricky ooo. You made unrealistic promises just for political power. This merry go round way of fulfilling promises should be told to the marines. You are not doing anyything new.
Infact you are doing worst than the NDC. It's a shame!!!!!

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05-19 14:01
Deceitful govt
05-19 23:34