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'Too known' Akufo-Addo government doesn’t heed to expert advice – JOY

Comment: Government delaying policies

Sam Bediako-Asante
2018-05-15 03:48:06
Comment to:
'Too known' Akufo-Addo government doesn’t heed t

Very true. It seems the President talks too much and doing very little getting his policies across and being practical.
His 1D1F has seen not a single factory after almost one and a half years into his government. Agric has NOT performed as expected. Where are the dams as promised ? though construction should have began in December, 2017.

But he keeps on promising day in day out without hitting the ground.
Issuing of the Ghana Card has been postponed for about THREE times !!!

Action is really needed, please !!!
Talking and giving promises have to STOP !!!

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05-14 22:22
Government delaying policies
Sam Bediako-Asante
05-15 03:48