NDC group begins ‘One-Nana-one-term’ campaign | (comment 17891277)
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NDC group begins ‘One-Nana-one-term’ campaign

Comment: Re: one nana half term

Ndc Nkwaseafuo party
2018-05-10 05:28:05
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one nana half term

Who is going to give that 1 Nana half term ? You make any stupid statement or move and you will run leaving your Charlie wate behind. Nkwaseafuo ! Ghanaians have chosen who they want to rule them and no fucking idiot can decide for them. Ghanaians have made it loud and clear they don't like mahama and his ndc and nothing will change the trend. You can much to the moon, demonstrate to Jupiter, sing Nana half term to mass ndc will still lose, you think we are playing with you? Tweeeaaa! Convey your rented crowd to wherever you go to match ndc will still lose, Ghanaians are not threatened a bit about those hired crowd who are matching with John mahama because they know they are the same people who go everywhere to match so what's the big deal? Nothing will work for the ndc ,you are thieves, conmen, armed robbers, double salary kriminals, Woyome, sada, suba gyeeda and Africa Automobile AKRONFUO, CAREER CRIMINALS NDC, PROFESSIONAL THIEVES! YOU ARE TOAST NEVER AGAIN !

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05-09 21:46
Re: one nana half term
Ndc Nkwaseafuo party
05-10 05:28