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NDC group begins ‘One-Nana-one-term’ campaign

Comment: Stupid foolish baxkwad looking man

Isiah ishak Batidam
2018-05-09 22:45:29
Comment to:
NDC group begins ‘One-Nana-one-term’ campaign

Agyimifuo ayigbe uncluturedvfool. You are stupid and a fool. You have no moral sense to say that.

Tell the thief Mahama to bring back the money he stole.

Such a fool. I believe his people in the Volta region do not even have portable water to drink yet he wants the thief mahama to come back.
If such a stupid fool is not seen as idiot ayigbe then what else.
The most deprived regions include Volta yet such a fool wants the armed robber Mahama back.

Criminals in waiting. Demshit fools are sponsored by Mahama with tax payers money he stole.

Ayigbe ni gyimifuo. Bring back mahama and u will remain a backward looking being.

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05-09 21:46
Stupid foolish baxkwad looking man
Isiah ishak Batidam
05-09 22:45