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US Military deal: Akufo-Addo disregarded Nkrumah’s warning - Group

Comment: America in Ghana

John A El-Amin
2018-06-27 07:50:55
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US Military deal: Akufo-Addo disregarded Nkrumah

Brothers and Sisters, please work to end US military presence', along with US military contractors, in Ghana. Look at the history of these racists and you will have all the evidence needed to condemn the American actions from one end of this Earth to the other.

Read and review Prof. Chalmers Johnson trilogy of US foreign policy AND action- Blowback, Sorrows of Empire and Nemesis. Each of these books will show how the seeds of bloodshed, death and destruction were and are planted in the name of " democracy and prosperity".

Your acceptance of Americans in your land is horribly misplaced. In their eyes, the mere sight of black skin makes them sick. Review and research American National politics and see the racism and hate that drives the efforts of American leadership to crush opposition to their agenda.

The Phillipines, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Iraq ,Libya and Iran have all suffered under US racism. Some animals taste blood and that taste of blood is sweet and causes an appetite for more.

America is that animal, specifically, the racists who run America's foreign policy.

Trusting them and accepting their presence is the invitation to suffering, oppression and death to Ghana.

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04-27 23:13
America in Ghana
John A El-Amin
06-27 07:50