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US Military deal: Akufo-Addo disregarded Nkrumah’s warning - Group

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2018-04-28 02:53:21
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You simply do not know the difference between Russia of today and the Soviet Union. Cuba did not prosper when it was colonised by the USA.Singapore has excelled under One Party State and State Corporation. Pueto Rico hasn"t under the pretext of America"s "bogus democracy".

Free education started under Nkrumah not Akufo Addo. Nkrumah,supported freedom fighters under the yoke of imperialism. You are too immature for me to have any lucid and coherent debate with.
If severe drought occurs in Ghana today as it did in 1983 under Rawlings"s regime, trust me, we will have Akufo Addo chains.

I am no fan of Rawlings, but when he introduced the sensible VAT system,Akufo Addo, senselessly went on "Kume preko" demo and some people died. He is in charge now, has he abolished that "tax base" which his govt relies on now, no? trouble is, as soon as you guys get a visa to USA,you get consumed by their blatant hypocrisy.Next time, get your facts right before you try it on with somebody like me. I am far too initiated historically and politically to accept your pyramid of piffle.

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