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US Military deal: Akufo-Addo disregarded Nkrumah’s warning - Group

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Frank Agyena-Karikari
2018-04-28 00:35:25
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My Messiah? Funny. Even Hitler still have his admirers in Germany and other places while some people still hate Jesus. IGNORANT OF MY MESSIAH. You are funny. I remember him as the one who helped topple some African governments like Gaddhafi did, arrested and killed many innocent people. He might be your messiah but not mine. He spent Ghana's money foolishly on some African countries who do even remember what he did for them. Read this book: THE COUP THAT TOPPLED NKRUMAH. Read on the state of the economy of Ghana after 1964. People had to queue for ordinary milk, soap and even baby food. Soviet Union turned her back to Ghana and Uncle Sam was not prepared to give Ghana any more loan. I very much remember those days. What was the functions of the Young Pioneer? Brainwashing. God forgive you for following a dictator who was even afraid of his own trusted Lieutenants. Ask Gbedemah's family. They can tell you more.

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04-27 23:13
Frank Agyena-Karikari
04-28 00:35