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NDC unable to capitalise on NPP's 'sins' because of John Mahama - Political Scientist


2018-04-25 15:47:09
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shit hole npp

Given a chance I will have Akufo Addo arrested and charged for selling part of ECG to foreigners for promise of investments.The sale in my book will go down as the single worst decision since a traditional leader at the coast told an European that they could build a Castle on their land and help them fight the Ashantis.We all know that Ghana has only one electric power producer-ECG.We also know that every economy rely electric power to function.Our Factories,Hospitals,Schools,Homes,Businesses,Government buildings,Farms,Security Forces,Airport all rely on the same electricity to function.So why did Akufo Addo turn over the control of the Electricity to Foreigners who call our country a Shithole?If NDC was a credible party instead of a party lead by a drunkard,thieves,looters,liars and visionless greedy idiots they could have launched an impeachment procedure against Akufo Addo and I would have supported it.But I know for a fact that as bad as President Shortstuff is I will still vote for him if he run against Mahama or any of the thieves that were around him.The only chance NDC has will be to purge the party of the lying sycophant and looters to allow a new breed of leadership to carry the party forward.As long as the likes of Kofi Adams,Stan,Ofosu K,Desoso,Suhugyimi,Ayariga have anything to do with the leadership of the party,they can count people like me out.New leaders like Alabi,Zanetor,Bagbin must tackle the control of the party from the people who are dragging them down otherwise I will stay home or worst still vote for Shortman Akufo Addo in hopes that his brilliant Ministers may do more good than the harm he may cause.

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