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NDC unable to capitalise on NPP's 'sins' because of John Mahama - Political Scientist

Comment: uTTER Rubbish

2018-04-25 14:57:12
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NDC unable to capitalise on NPP's 'sins' because o

These so called sins are the figment of the imagination of NPP aND THEIR ASSIGNS. tHEY TELL A LIE AND KEEP ON REPEATING IT TILL people believe it. I think NDC is not approaching their message well and not the fact that NDC has sinned. Look at the US Military deal, NPP keeps saying that Mahama started it and they are continuing it but they cannot counter it with the facts of the old deal and the new deal and draw comparisons. Everything that happens they draw Mahama into it and I guess it is playing well for them because the NDC itself is not able to package a response

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04-25 08:05
uTTER Rubbish
04-25 14:57