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NDC unable to capitalise on NPP's 'sins' because of John Mahama - Political Scientist

Comment: Serious

Ranas Freeman
2018-04-25 12:41:57
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NDC unable to capitalise on NPP's 'sins' because o

Well spoken but to my believe the NDC is not coming to power for the next 100years the party have no political ideologies to manage the country .the party that deprived teachers and nursing training schools from their allowance the party that deprived the school of blind from their rights the party that impose tax on head porters aka kayayei honestly a lot of Ghanaians give their support to the NDC because of John Jerry Rawlings the man who restore Ghanaians with their dignity and pride and establish democracy and stability in ghana .so many Ghanaians including countries of the world appreciate the courage of Jerry Rawlings the risk he took upon him self to bring ghana back to constitutional government. and it's very unfortunate that so many criminals have engaged into the NDC party with the aim of obtaining power and position to steal from the least chance they get .that have made 95% of ghanaian population to indicate the NDC as rough organization without any political agenda for development of our social economy

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04-25 08:05
Ranas Freeman
04-25 12:41