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NDC unable to capitalise on NPP's 'sins' because of John Mahama - Political Scientist

Comment: Ndc has always survived on corruption

Alhaji Yussif
2018-04-25 09:26:51
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NDC unable to capitalise on NPP's 'sins' because o

Ndc was formed with public money and public structures,31st December was using state trained teachers for free all over the country,ACDR,s were integrated into ndc structures and drew salaries from government for years.Since the letter P was removed from the PNDC and redefined survived on government subversion for a long time,they used tribal sentiments to impose themselves on some regions of Ghana and it's not sustainable because time is exposing the ndc.Ndc has never thought of winning elections base on FairPlay,they ve never won elections base on ideas and programs,the ndc was in opposition for 8 years just tell me any social models they introduced that should win them elections?they only talked about free school uniforms and books but only succeeded in stealing money through that failed idea.Ndc is the only political party that benefits from the ignorance of the people,how can a social democrate fight free education?the only sin of the ndc Npp can not beat is a sitting president beating up his vice in a cabinet meeting,otherwise all the bad things in governance yet to happen ll find examples in the ndc so they should stop the noise.

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04-25 08:05
Ndc has always survived on corruption
Alhaji Yussif
04-25 09:26