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Government delaying MMDCEs election to favour party loyalists – Prof Gyampo

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2018-04-21 18:37:00
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Government delaying MMDCEs election to favour part

Enti de3n ? Are you interested in a particular place ? You talk too much with no solution. My mother, who was an illiterate trader once said, those highly educated lack home sense which is wisdom and she was perfectly right, because comparing present day educated elites who speak on politics to those half educated or with no education at all in Osagyefo's government, you could see them far better than these people who call themselves lecturers in universities. DC Kwame Kwakye and others wouldn't give infantile comments like these so called educated elites. Those in yesteryear believed wisdom was different from knowledge and they believed education was for knowledge not wisdom or intelligence. You can see most of these lecturers are real fools eg. Is that prof. Who bought Mercedes Benz, and I don't understand why these media guys call them for their concerns on some crucial matters. The fact that he is educated doesn't mean he has automatically wisdom or sense to contribute to delicate matters which need wisdom. The media houses must stop that stupidity of inviting them to comment on everything like everything about life is in a book. Some of them are very annoying because they display their stupidity from infancy, they are just lucky to get education.

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