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Chinese man living in Ghana ordered to pick trash from gutter after littering

Comment: cover these gutters. smh.

ST. GHFUO: is this the best you can d
2018-04-13 13:31:06
Comment to:
Common sense

so why kraa cant these contractors cover these gutters and have access to them with manholes? is this rocket science/ if u dont cover these gutters ppl will throw trash in them. its just human namture. ppl will even relieve themselves in the gutter at night. so cover these open drainage systems sure the chinese man thought it was a way to collect waste.bcos where he comes from there r no open drainage systems. they are all covered...

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04-13 11:24
cover these gutters. smh.
ST. GHFUO: is this the best you can d
04-13 13:31