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US Military deal: Don’t put Ghana under slavery again - CPP disciplinary committee

Comment: Re: Akufo Ado was not God sent

Yakub Jibreel
2018-04-01 20:31:32
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Akufo Ado was not God sent

If establishing a military base in Ghana can be described as returning the country to slavery then Nkrumah was the first and only Ghanaian leader to have done that in spite of his warning to African leaders to be wary of entering into defence pacts with foreign powers. Readers, those of you who know Tamale very well are all abreast with what I am saying. For those who've not been to Tamale or don't know much about the city then they should. ask about the genesis of Russian Bungalows and who built Tamale Airport. They may also want to know the number of Russians deported from Tamale after the overthrow of Nkrumah.

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04-01 18:06
Re: Akufo Ado was not God sent
Yakub Jibreel
04-01 20:31