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Ghanaian leaders are wicked - Afia Schwarzenegger

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2018-04-01 08:50:23
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Re: Ghanaian leaders are wicked - Afia Schwarzeneg

Why do some of you have to mix things and think you're reasonable? What has Rawlings have to do with this? If Rawlings told you he stole the country's money to look after his kids, what would you do? What could anyone do? Kill him? It not, why didn't you believe him.

When he was being a leader, he wasn't paid with stones! And he led this country how many years? For Christsakes he was paid money, much of which he didn't use because he had allowances for almost everything, tax free! That's the difference with Third World countries and Western countries.

When will some of you reason a little? That's part of the problem we face.

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