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I’m not against the United States - Brogya Genfi clears the air

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2018-03-31 22:00:03
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Gagged Boy

Pan African? But are these ndc people normal?do they understand themselves? Nobody even like you in your country how much more Africa? Anybody in Africa who like ndc is equally sick! Do you understand pan Africanism dies that mean create loot and share African resources to leave the people in poverty? Ndc are sick and trying to mix with people but nobody want them because the are thieves, they are unenlightened, they are uncultured, they uncouth, very primitive and who want to be with such people? Ndc don't know who they are ,whether they are born from revolution or cpp just confused bunch of idiots. In any case, why didn't Dangote the African most richest man invite John mahama to his daughter's wedding? hahahahahaa! Monkeys play by sizes, I thought ndc has class after all not so smart like that not classy? Hahahahaha! Bill Gate was there and real men were there! Don't tell me Nana Addo was invited because he is the president, Donald Trump is the president of America but Obama, wow my man! Has been invited to Prince Henry's wedding hahahaha ! The difference is clear. Ndc give us a break for you don't matter in any where apart from your strong holds !

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Re: Gagged Boy
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