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Mahama slams ‘super incompetent’ Akufo-Addo and ‘hypocritical’ civil society

Comment: Stop being naive

King Marc
2018-03-21 22:03:56
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Re: Mahama slams ‘super incompetent’ Akufo-Addo an

Ignorant one,Mahama didn't build the new terminal.This was an initiative of the Airport company.As a president,it would have been foolish if he didn't accent to the new project.Any government at the time who realized it was possible to get funding for this project would have accented to it.Get a life and stop referring to it as Mahama's terminal.The airport company is paying for the loan itself.Read and stop being ignorant

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03-21 20:16
Stop being naive
King Marc
03-21 22:03