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Yale President speaks frankly on racism, free SHS and Yale Africa initiative

Comment: talk is cheap like stinky toto

StGhfuo: is this the best you can do?
2018-03-19 08:16:55
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Well done Caleb

You think he cares about gh? He is coming to set up a Yale extension in accra like NYU have done. This is the new trend with these western universities. To set up sattelite capuses in Asia, s America, africa etc it's all about business. I knew this woman who brought her 3 kids to univ of toronto and paid intl student tuition and rented a condo downtown for them to live in. I couldn't believe it. A single woman from gh. So these whites are realising that there r so many parents with deep pockets in the 3rd world willing to buy the best education for their kids so we should GO to them. But beware Yale is racist just like queens university. Very beautiful campus, we'll manicured, neatly dressed students, security etc but the kids are all naive, white and racist. I know a friend from toronto biracial kid, half black who went to Yale for law sch. He told me there were times when campus security would follow him and ask him for his sch I'd lol. He got so tired he even refused to even stay and work in usa so he returned to toronto. Same with queens univ. Similar stories of racism from students, faculty and even campus security so if your kid is not prepared for this huge culture shock coming from africo tampico. Then find an urban sch for your kid to attend. Yale and queens are inside the suburbs. Far away from the city

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03-18 21:31
talk is cheap like stinky toto
StGhfuo: is this the best you can do?
03-19 08:16