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NDC won’t release Abuga Pele if it wins power – George Lawson

Comment: There we go again!!!

2018-02-26 14:39:32
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NDC won’t release Abuga Pele if it wins power

Jee, these NDC little boys with sharp teeth and motor-mouths, better described as diahorrea mouths can never stop to amuse me. They are the most embarrassing bunch of politicians this good nation Ghana has ever encountered! Why? They have over the years spew their nonsense, whether they are in power or out of power; taking Ghanaians for fools. However, their stupidity and insanity laced with arrogance has been in 'cruise control' since the loss of elections, and I pray for ANY party, and I mean ANY party in Ghana to win the next elections, EXCEPT NDC!! Why? The answer is not far fetched for the following reasons!
(1) NDC instigated an investigation against Abuga Pele and Assibit, only to be convicted by a law court in NPP's regime - FACT.
(2) One of the convicts has expressed his intention to exercise his right of appeal - FACT
(3) Nii Lante in one of his hallucination moments spew his garbage that the NDC shall win power and release the convicts - FACT
(4) Lawson comes in to counter Lante's nonsense and reiterated that it is not the stance of the NDC - FACT.
(5) Not long ago, an NDC MP opened his motor-mouth to say that they all decided to 'pass' Martin Amidu during his vetting, forgetting that a member of the NDC party has sued against the nomination of Amidu. - FACT
(6) Another MP from the same NDC party came up saying, that was not the case and that they all did not agree to pass Amidu - FACT
Therefore, going by the above few FACTS, Can Ghanaians trust these confused, disunited, arrogant, motor-mouth (diahorrea mouth), corrupt NDC babies with sharp teeth and dumb brains ever to come back and rule our dear country.
If even is not NPP you wish to have in power, please think twice before you vote for NDC, simply because for such utterances, they take us for fools, and very big ones indeed. We proved to the NDC that we are no fools, so come the time, let us prove to them once again that we are not, and can never be fools!!!!
The impunity, arrogance and stupidity of Nii Lante Vanderpuije!!! You are charting the path of a long stay in opposition if you carry on like that with your motor-mouth!!

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02-26 13:06
There we go again!!!
02-26 14:39