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Atuguba's research on judges' political leanings insulting - Justices

Comment: Judicial Temorrate and Philosophy

Ray Rawls
2018-02-18 11:20:31
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Same story in the USA

Although is an ethnographic research interviewing shows validity to substantiate the findings. However, the voting data show
A specific trend. I suspect that was what Prof Atuguba did. Examining the voting patterns of judges and exacavatung their political philosophies and intercepting it with their judicial views.
According to Gadamer and Habamas our biases are our philosophic views and there is nothing wrong to have pejorative viewpoints. But we must disclose them in our work.
Judicial constructivist hold a particular philosophic views on their judgements. NPP appointees are sympathetic to its philosophic base. Same holds for the NDC.
Prosecutors file cases at specific courts because they calculate which judges are sympathetic to their arguments. This us part of emotional intelligence. Unfortunately the CJ’s snappy response is emblematic of shallow judicial temoeratement.
Ghana is in trouble.

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Judicial Temorrate and Philosophy
Ray Rawls
02-18 11:20