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Atuguba's research on judges' political leanings insulting - Justices

Comment: Scared of Intelkectual Reseach

Ray Rawls
2018-02-17 07:08:31
Comment to:
Atuguba's research on judges' political leanings i

The CJ is not academic and afraid to face the challenges of intellectual scrutiny. Indeed, she is scared of American democratic judicial construction and wish to silence Prof Atuguba like she will do to a junior member of the bench.
Is it honorable for judges to receive bribes as proven by Anas? As is not American and Ghanaian then is okay. Why not write a rebuttal to Prof Atuguba’s article and let the public judge.
Prof Atuguba made a non partisan sratement why are NPP elements taking this to heart? Does it mean that the cap fits them?
Please Raymond publish your articles. All of it.

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02-17 02:00
Scared of Intelkectual Reseach
Ray Rawls
02-17 07:08