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Atuguba's research on judges' political leanings insulting - Justices

Comment: Shame on you, Sophia Akufo

Abeeku Mensah
2018-02-17 06:43:10
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Atuguba's research on judges' political leanings i

What are we supposed to think, behave or react to political/government decisions in Ghana, Sophia Akufo, if as proud and arrogant as you are with your education creeds from a prestigious US institution you still lack the logical wherewithal to simple facts in life? How do people in the NPP and their sympathizers differ from those in the NDC beyond belief in their respective ideologies and party manifestos? For a Supreme Court Chief Justice to stipulate that people have political affiliation and preferences but deny political influences brought forth by party ideology and or the kind of influences derived from the country and or education system from which one is schooled show a rather sobering reminder of the old adage "you can take an idiot out of his or her kokoase environs but you cannot save them from their ignorance" and you Sophia Akufo is full of it.

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02-17 02:00
Shame on you, Sophia Akufo
Abeeku Mensah
02-17 06:43