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Atuguba's research on judges' political leanings insulting - Justices

Comment: Jurisprudence Without Prudence

Not A "Learned Friend"
2018-02-17 03:48:47
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Atuguba's research on judges' political leanings i

I'm not a "learned friend" of theirs but it is a pity Prof. Atuguba, Justice Dotse, the Chief Justice, and Justice Irene Larbie certainly know and practice Jurisprudence without actual prudence in public fora, hence their scrutiny in the court of public opinion.

Prof. Atuguba should have known the Justices as his audience and not court their displeasure. His primary audience is the law students in his lecture room. He could also have the media and the public for his audience and not the justices of the SC whom his "research findings" were unfavorable. He seemed to be too bold and thus violated professional ethics and decorum. Above all he lacked real prudence, though an intellectual.

On Justice Dotse: Is that how he would respond to whatever does not favor his status as a justice of the Supreme Court? If so, then we are in trouble when our cases come before him in that august court. The Prof. said it was a research he had conducted and the Justice said it was the former's view and entitled to it. Wow! What a logic.

I watched the video on the CJ's comments and reaction after the Prof's presentation and was taken aback. Some of us lay people in the legal profession trust the courts because we know prosecutors and justices work with facts and evidences before judgment but the CJ acted so hastily and with emotion. Patience and prudence require her to ask for the facts and evidence through the publication of the Prof's research and the methodology he used to arrive at his conclusions but it appeared she felt the SC and their justices were threatened.

The least said about Justice Irene Charity Larbie's take on the matter, the better. How can she say the Prof's "research is a direct attack on the integrity of the justices of the Supreme Court" when she does not have a copy of the research publication.

Oh Ghana! Oh Africa!! Where are going even with our intellectuals and justices at this time of the day? Anyway, let us forgive all the actors and players in this matter this time because it could be a first time and genuine mistake on their part. "To err is human". I advise all of them not to do that again for the public to question their integrity. Certainly, the Prof and the Justices know Jurisprudence as a legal knowledge and practice but they should seek for and use PRUDENCE in these matters before reacting publicly.

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Jurisprudence Without Prudence
Not A "Learned Friend"
02-17 03:48