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Ofori-Atta 'magic' dazing NDC – Hamid

Comment: Ofori Attah dazing Ndc

2018-02-01 15:33:04
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Ofori-Atta 'magic' dazing NDC – Hamid

This is quite evident in the way and manner the Ndc in opposition, has conducted its business so far.'if you miss the ball don't miss the man'. Right from the word go, one of the many brilliant men the NPP paraded to be vetted for ministerial positions, was targetted. Boakye Agyarko was said to have offered a bribe to the vetting committee in order for him to be favoured. Does it make sense for someone who has so brilliantly performed at the vetting to offer a bribe? But the Ndc know exactly what they want to do. They will spread falsehood all around especially, those they find exceptional. Therefore, Ken Ofori Attah, Allan Kyeremanten and others will follow. Vice President Bawumia is also on the radar. That is the Ndc for you.

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Ofori Attah dazing Ndc
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