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Weed out unqualified students or face consequences - Ministry warns university colleges

Comment: Asare took millions & gave back 1Ghs

2018-01-28 21:17:56
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I can't stop top NDC members from coming

God will punish this womanizer AginAsare. He has "Raped" the poor of their wealth for 20 years just as he did the numerous women before he became born again. Fantastic, he ate the forbidden furits and when he was full, he decided to repent. Clever guy, he ate his cake and still has the cake. Hmmmmmmmmmm.
He collected Millions from the poor people over 20 years through payment for so called special prayers. And after 20 years, they are still poor and praying to him and he gives them 1Ghs lunch and calls them less privileged.

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01-28 21:09
Asare took millions & gave back 1Ghs
01-28 21:17